Murder #3, Paul Duffy, Stamford Hill

Murder #3, Paul Duffy, Stoke Newington

Paul Duffy, 40, was stabbed to death at a house in Stamford Hill. Police were called to the scene to find the victim with multiple knife wounds to the back. The victim’s girlfriend Nadia Boukhari, 43, and John Green, 48, were charged with murder.Both were convicted of the murder and Green later committed suicide at HMP Whitemoor.

I only found out in writing this post that John Green had committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell at HMP Whitemoor. An argument over an alleged affair between Boukahri and Green had led to the murder of Paul Duffy.  It was the third murder site I had gone to photograph and again it had invoked a domestic dispute. I had imagined scenes that would easily invoke evil or violence instead I was confronted by mundane scenes of crimes that had happened behind closed doors. It is why I was attracted to photographing the window and curtains of the house where Paul Duffy lost his life. Trying to imagine what had taken place beyond what was described in the court reports. It is easy to deduce that Green could not live with himself having murdered his friend.  I suspect that John Green was already a broken man when he plunged a knife into his friend.


2 thoughts on “Murder #3, Paul Duffy, Stamford Hill

  1. Hi Tony, as promised in my post of wednesday, the photographer/artist I was thinking of is Stephen Chalmers, and his series, Unmarked that was published in Contact Sheet #156. Best wishes, Ed

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